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PFT #51 - Personal Finance Tip: The Ball Aluminum Cups and the Positive Impact on the Environment

This week’s topic is about the Ball Corporation’s new aluminum cups.

We’ve all seen the classic Ball jars with that thick glass and metal top for canning vegetables - in my case, I use them as drinking glasses.

As the world evolves so has Ball and they've recently announced the aluminum drinking cup that can replace the plastic solo type cups.

They come with ample sizes to drink from, they are more sturdy and well insulated to keep your beverage cool. It’s a much more appealing drinking experience.

Now here’s the good stuff: 20 billion plastic cups are used per year and 93% end up in landfills; however, 75% of all aluminum is recycled and is the most valuable commodity in the recycle bin. By producing more aluminum cups, less plastic will be used.

As far as the upfront cost goes, you’ll save triple the amount to that of the aluminum cup; however, once you reuse each cup just four times you’ll save be saving money.

In my humble opinion, this is a no-brainer product that just about everyone can take advantage of and the best part is that has a positive impact on the environment.

Episode Link:

Ball aluminum cups  the helps save the environment

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