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the ultimate guide to budeting

I'm Not Flipping Burgers when I'm 70

The Ultimate Guide to Budgeting

Living within an "instant gratification society is a major reason why personal finance is not taught in school or is properly conveyed to children by their parents. This causes many to live for today without planning for tomorrow. Therefore, I'm Not Flipping Burgers When I'm 70 was written to guide the reader through the personal finance process to make up for lost time.


Topics include budgeting, money management, the complete home ownership process from finding a realtor to the closing, and principles for investing money. It is designed for the beginner to the intermediate individual, but applies to anyone when it comes to personal finance.


The purpose of the book is to educate, without being overpowering, yet leaving the reader feeling responsible to be a decision maker. This easy-to-read book provides answers that are difficult to find on the Internet and uses tables, checklists, tips, and visual aids to enhance the learning curve.

This following content covers the first 10 chapters of the book which walks you through everything that you need to know from start to finish to be a successful personal finance master. 


We have a unique budgeting principle where we teach you how to transform every expense into a fixed amount (just like the car payment) that you manage throughout the year. It doesn't matter when a bill comes due. We have you covered. This way you eliminate months where you may have a surplus of cash as well as deficits for bills that you didn't plan for or don't occur on a monthly basis. If you follow this budget, you will succeed! It has been used by readers for 17 years and we hope that you keep it going for many years to come. 


All subsequent content with reference to the book along with podcast topics will be consistnently posted to our finance blog.  

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