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High School and Young Adult Personal Finance Tips
Personal finance is not a focus in the school systems throughout the United States and this has resulted in many people lacking the education needed whenit comes to money. If parents don't have the skills, this means that their children often run into the same problem. 

In fact, the high majority of people cannot afford to retire when they hit 65 years of age and they may work full-time until the day they die. This is why being sound with money management is important so that you can learn to budget, save money and build a nest egg - it is never to early to start. 

Below ore basic tutorials that you can start with and build as you go. These will be continuously updated to provide useful financial education


Your First Paycheck Guide

It is great to earn your first paycheck; however, it is important to know the types of taxes that are being taken out and if right amountsw are  withheld.

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Guidelines for Tipping

For many workers a large amount of their paychecks come from tipping. We will show what is a customary gratuity based on the service that you are paying for.

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Making a Budget 

It is never to early to start a budget. This way you'll know how much you spend versus you what is saved or income you have each month. This is a smart fiancial habit that will be a benefit for the rest of your life.

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Address and Mail a Letter

Snail mail has not gone away. In fact, the Post Office mails billions of items every year including letters, party invites and wedding invitations. We'll show you how to do it. 

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Writing Personal Checks

We live in a digital world for buying, selling and investing; however, the personal check still has a place in the world. We'll show you to fill one out properly.

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Grocery Shopping Exercise

Groceries are expensive especially when raising a family. If you are new to buying and cooking food, this is a great exercise to learn meal planning and how to shop within a budget. 

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Return Items at the Store

Everyone returns multiple items each year online and at physical stores. Not all retailers have the same policies so it is important to no know the rules.

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Building Your Credit 

Your goal should be to avoid debt; however, most people borrow and it is important to establish a good credit score to get the most favorable rate. Learn how to get started

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