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How to Mail a Letter 

According to the US Postal Service, 143 billion pieces were mailled In fiscal year 2019 from 31,000 Post Offices. As much as we live in a constantly emerging digital world, mail is still very much a normal part of everyday life. 

The Return Address on the Envelope

It is important that you put your name and address in the top left corner of the envelope. This way if the if the letter has to be returned, the post office can return back to you. This isn't common; however, a stamp can fall off, the incorrect postage was applied or the delivery address was incorrect.

The Recipient's Address on the Envelope

Next, write the recipient's full name in the middle of the envelope. It is customary to Include the person’s preferred salutation including Mr., Ms., Mrs., or Dr. Then, spell out their fist and last name with the first letter capitalized. 

-If you’re writing to a couple, use both salutations for such as Mr. and Mrs. Johnson.

-If addressing to a family, then write it out to their last name such as "The Johnson Family."

-If you’re sending a formal letter perhaps for a party or a wedding to a heterosexual couple. For example: Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Johnson. (Make sure to check on how to address the invite as more modern women can have an aversion to having their name omitted and being lumped in with their husbands names.

-If you’re sending a formal letter perhaps for a party or a wedding to a same sex couple, with name can go first.



Example of addressing a letterr
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