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PFT #31 - Switching From Butane to an Arc Lighter - Save Money and the Environment

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

This week’s topic is about an item that every home has which is a lighter.

People use them mainly to start a fire and in our case, we use them to light candles.

Over time I realized that when using a traditional Bic-type lighter that they have a short life span and then we eventually just throw them away.

So I found a better solution which is an arc-type lighter which has a long, flexible tip and it is charged by with a USB port.

They work just like a spark plug does where you can see the electric pulse; however, they provide the same result as using a flamed device.

So I performed an analysis and the arc lighter ran me $14 and will provide 50,000 lights as opposed to the four-pack of butane lighters that also costs $14.

Now with the butane lighters, I’ll get approximately 1,200 lights a year.

So based on this math, the arc lighter will last 42 years and on the inverse it will take 168 butane-type lighters over time to provide the same result.

So this means over time that I will save $574 and here’s the best part . . .

This means 168 lighters will not see a landfill or surface on a beach in the Pacific ocean.

All in all, this is a bright solution that puts money in your pocket while helping the environment.

Episode Link:

Arc Lighters Save Money and the Environment


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