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PFT #35 - Three Travel Savings Tips Before and During Stay

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

We just traveled for the first time in several months and we were a bit rusty, but here is what we were reminded of:

1. When reserving a rental car, if you want to save money consider choosing a lower cost vehicle. Oftentimes, when you arrive you can upgrade for a small cost or your vehicle may not be available and you can upgrade for no charge.

2. When booking a hotel be sure to understand service charges and other fees. As for taxes, we stayed in a state that has a zero tax rate; however, we paid 15.3% on top of our room charges.

3. When it comes to food, if you stay with in a home through VRBO or Airbnb or get a kitchenette in a hotel, you can cut down on costs by eating leftovers from dining out or buy snacks and fruit and self-serve items. It does become an inconvenience to go a restaurant every time you are hungry.

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Travel tips to save money


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