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PFT #38 - Personal Finance Tip of the Week: Three Tips for Pet Insurance

Updated: Mar 5, 2022

Right off the bat most pet insurance plans do not cover pet wellness because they want you to own a plan for accident / illness and then you can add the pet wellness as a rider.

Pet insurance ranges widely and based on our research costs $12 to $48 a month.

A major factor depends on the age and your dog and the breed of your dog. For example it is much less expensive to own a Dachshund than a Rottweiler.

Outside of that, here are three important factors:

One is that if you choose pet insurance consider obtaining it as soon as you become a pet-parent in the case an unfortunate event occurs.

Keep in mind that many insurance plans will not cover preexisting conditions which leads back to point #1.

Read the policy before you commit as it can be easy to miss a detail before you enter into an agreement.

Lastly, the older your pet is, the more expensive it will probably cost you to have the insurance plan.

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Should You get Pet Insurance?

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