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#23 - Personal Finance Tip: Save Money on Gas With the GasBuddy App

Updated: Jan 12

This week’s topic centers on saving money for the cost of gasoline.

The average gas tank holds between 12-15 gallons and pre COVID-19, the average American was filling up between 45-55 times a year.

On the high end this equates to 825 gallons. As of May 15th (2021), the average price per gallon by state ranged from $2.72 - $4.12. This means people can pay anywhere from $2,200 - $3,400 per year.

Using the GasBuddy App

A good solution is to use highly rated app bs such as GasBuddy. This isn’t sponsored; we just love it!

This tool lets you filter on the type of gas that you need as well as the brand, location and price. In addition, you can drill down to places that have car washes, restaurants and restrooms.

GasBuddy also alerts you with price hikes and daily deals and has a rewards card to save more money.

Gas Savings Example

So here’s an example, David and I were out of gas and so we traveled to the local grocery store to fill up and the price per gallon was $2.97.

We used the app and found a lower price at $2.69, a whole 28 cents cheaper - and it was at Costco.

So David and I drove there instead. With our tank holding 17 gallons, we saved $4.76 and then we proceeded to blow a bunch of money in the store.

So is $4.76 a game changer with the budget? No, but why not use the GasBuddy app to save $10 - $20 per month. Remember, when you trim your costs throughout your budget, money really begins to add up. Plus, as we always say while making a pun, keep the gas in the pump and the money in your pocket.

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Save money on gasoline with GasBuddy


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