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PFT #21: Personal Finance Tip: Shave Your Budget Down With the Razorpit Blade Cleaner

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

This week’s personal finance tip of the week centers on saving money when it comes to shaving.

The cost for personal care especially razor blades are one of those items that quietly add up in the budget.

The key is not only bringing down the cost but also the longevity of a blade itself.

Universal research is difficult to pin down; however, the average length of a blade is about 5-10 uses.

We estimate that the average male would use 24 blades per year.

How Much Do Razor Blades Cost?

The next step is to determine what to pay for blades and again research varies widely; however., we estimate that averages between $75 - $150.

The good thing is that the cost has come down to more competition in the marketplace.

In recent years companies such as Harry’s and the Dollar Shave Club developed business models to compete with Gillette’s of the world and thus reducing the consumer’s cost burden; and they can be shipped right to your door.

There’s A Little More Stubble to Clear Up

So this is awesome, but is not the end of the story. We did some digging and found a product called the Razorpit that we have been using for years.

This is a product that extends the life of a razor blade exponentially.

It is a shaving caddy made out of rubber and all that is required is a little shaving cream.

You simply place your razor blade on the surface, then push down with light pressure, and push the razor forward along the entire surface.

The result is that you are simply cleaning the razor thus extending its life and this is why none of the major brands would sell this type of product.

Now Razorpit states that some customers achieve up to 150 shaves with one razor blade with average being around 60 shaves.

Savings in The Budget on Personal Care

Now that we have sharpened our blades and have a clean slate to work with let’s do some math.

Based on our research of using 24 razor blades per year, using the Razorpit means that the average male will get 1,440 - 3,600 shaves alone and the blades may last 6-15 times longer.

As for me, I don’t remember the last time I purchased a new razor blade.

The bottom line if you want to save money and still receive quality shaves, this is a $27 item on Amazon that pays for itself several times over.

In addition, when you reduce consumption of products it is positive for the environment.

Episode Link:

The Razorpit cleans razor blades and you can save 90% on your shaving budget


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