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401(k) Investment Percentages and Fund Transfers

After you select what percentage of your paycheck will go into the funds within your 401(k), the next step is choosing what the percentages should be. You can divide 100% of your elections in any format you choose. For example:

Within the investment selections, moving money around is free of charge. Money can be transferred either in terms of dollars or by percentage. You will be asked to determine how much to take out of each investment and then which investments will receive that money. Be sure not confuse this with what your elections are for each paycheck - this is money that buys into the funds that you choose.  

Money in Investments Example

Money Invested From Paycheck

Choosing Employer Stock

Some companies that match contributions will only apply money to their company stock. Note that some companies will not allow you to transfer the stock they matched and move it to other investments. They do this to add stability to the stock itself and create a psychological affect to be committed to the company as a shareholder. It is important to make an informed decision before purchasing too much stock so that you avoid having too many eggs in one basket.   

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